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If you have a “Water Bottle” then you can manifest ANYTHING you want…

Sep 02, 2023
water bottle technique by mitesh khatri

Meet Masaru Emoto.


He's a Japanese Scientist.


Maruto was learning about Quantum physics at the time.


The crux of it was that: everything in the universe is made of energy.


He wanted proof of this. Just like any skeptical scientist worth their salt.


So he decided to conduct an experiment…


He took water and put that water in two different test tubes.


He wrote different words in each of them.


In one test tube, he wrote “HATE”




Second, he wrote “LOVE”.


He then froze these two test tubes in -10 degrees Celsius.


After that, he looked at the ice from both test tubes using a microscope.


From that Microscopic study, he found that the cellular structure of the water changed based on what was written on it.

The water was impacted by these words.

What do you think about Masaru Emoto (water memory)? - Quora

This means…each of these words has “energy” in them that’s impacting the water.


Water is very sensitive to the energy of the words it hears…


Now here’s how it makes Ho’oponopono more interesting…


How much percentage of your body is water?




How much percentage of this earth is water?




Now what are all the negative words you use during the day?


Mabe the F word. Or the S word. Or even the A word.


Or the classic… “Oh my god, why is this happening to me?


The more we use these words, body goes through an experience similar to what happened in that water sample.


When we judge people, complain about them, and hold grudge against them…


70% of our body becomes like the image you see here.


Why Am I Telling you all this?


Introducing the Water Bottle Technique...


Take a water bottle.


Fill it up.


At night, write down on a piece of paper whatever you are trying to manifest in life.


And then paste it on the bottle.


FOr example, if you're trying to get married then write down:


"I'm happily married"


And paste it on the water that night.


Wake up the next morning and drink that water.


You are directly taking that frequency inside of you.


Isn't that powerful?


Let's take another example.


Let's say you want to make more money...


Write down "Every month I'm easily making 5 Lakcs/month"


Paste it on the bottle in the night.


Let the energy get absorbed...


And then wake up in the morning and drink that water.


Make this a habit.


And watch your goals get manifested rapidly.


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