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7 Things Poor People DO, That The Rich Don't

Aug 25, 2023

Why do two people who do the exact same thing - get different results?


One can copy the exact same thing a rich person does.


They can copy their business. They can copy their marketing. They can even copy their name.




Unless they raise their frequency, none of it will work.


How do I know?


I've tried to copy rich people a lot during my early days.


I tried network marketing. I tried sales. I even tried a corporate job.


NONE, of it worked for me, until I worked on my frequency.


Now what does the word frequency mean?


Your frequency is the collection of your thoughts, feelings & actions.


If you too are in a phase in life where nothing happens to be working...


Then it could be your frequency.


It's not really your fault.


In this blog, we'll look at 7 ways in which you can raise your frequency to that of a rich person.




Poor people have a different frequency.


Rich people have a very different frequency.


Let's dive into the difference.


Difference #1: Poor People Blame, Rich People Take Responsibility:


If you study the lives of everyone with a rags-to-riches story...


You'll find one common pattern.


Their life changed, the moment they took total responsibility for it.


You see...poor people blame a like they get paid for it.


They blame their boss. They blame their colleagues. They blame the economy. They even blame the coronavirus.


Rich people complain occasionally as well.

(c'mon we're all humans)


But they lean on taking responsibility.


They may complain about how bad the weather is.


But within a few minutes, they'll take an umbrella and run to the gym.


Rich people have the habit of always taking responsibility.


But how do you build this trait of responsibility?




It comes from the core belief that:


"If something is wrong in my life, it's because of me"


When you deeply believe this - then you'll start taking responsibility to everything in your life...


So to sum up:


Take responsibility for everything in your life - even if you think it isn't your fault.


That's the path to personal power.


Difference #2: Poor People Want Money for Work, Rich Make Money for Results


Poor people want money for work.


Rich people make money for results.


Nobody cares how much work you put in, or how much time you spend.


The only thing that matters in the world of business is: results.


In fact, be confident and tell people that you won’t charge them unless you give them results.


Sounds scary?


I know, but once you start thinking this way - you’ll automatically start doing the right things in terms of money.


You will take your profession seriously.


You will sharpen your expertise.


You will work diligently.


Which by the way are the traits of a high earner in any field.


  1. Poor People Don't Like Selling, Rich People Love Selling


Poor people think that if they’re selling then they’re taking advantage of someone.


Likewise, if someone is selling to them - they think they’re taking advantage of them,


They’re anti-sales.


But, Rich people love selling because they believe in what they sell.


Remember the previous point where I spoke about chagrin for results?


Rich people know as a matter of fact, what they are selling will give results to the world.


So they sell without any resistance.


Rich people are also aware that the fuel for business is in selling.


They invest time & money in learning how to sell


  1. Poor People Spend Without a Plan, Rich People Spend After a Plan


When money comes to their account - poor people start spending.


After they’ve spent most of their money recklessly, they go back to becoming frugal until the money comes again.


Poor people spend without a solid plan.


Rich people plan their finances first.


And then they spend.


How do you plan your spending?


At the start of every month calculate the total amount of money you’ve received.


And then segregate it into buckets of spending.


Like: personal expenses, needs, luxury, fun, etc


The most important thing is to make a plan that you can stick to!


Make a realistic plan for your spending.


Make sure you include things you enjoy like eating out, shopping, etc.


  1. Poor People Don't Show Appreciation, Rich Love Show Appreciation


Poor people take pride in being strict and getting the most out of their money.


The Rich are liberal in their appreciation.


You don’t need to give people a heavy tip to appreciate them.


Good old compliments are more than enough.


Rich people love appreciating the good things that happen to them,


Their loved ones. The people they meet day to day. Service providers they interact with.


They appreciate them all.


Show appreciation to people for the job they’ve done.


Once you show appreciation, you’ll receive more things that are worthy of appreciation.




  1. The Poor Don't Invest to Learn, The Rich Love to Invest to Learn


Poor People Either:

  1. Don’t learn at all.


  1. Do not invest to learn (they learn from free stuff)


There is a magical energy exchange that takes place between you and the knowledge when you pay for it.


You’ll absorb infinitely more.


You’ll implement more of it.


Rich people are aware of this strange phenomenon.


They invest in knowledge.


They know the best investment they can make is in knowledge.


I’ve personally spent over 1 Crore in my education.


And that is the reason why I’m making over 2 Crore/month consistently.


Invest in:

  • Courses
  • Coaching
  • Training
  • Mentors
  • Seminars


Set aside a specific budget in your finances to invest in knowledge every single month.


(I suggest 5% of total income)


  1. Poor People Dream of Not Working, Rich People Love Working


Poor people dream of not working one day.


They work so hard to make enough money so that one day they don’t need to work anymore.


The irony is they can stop working today if they want.


The problem is not in work by itself.


It’s in the kind of work they indulge in.


Rich people love working because they do work that they love.


They go to sleep every night knowing they’ve given their best at work.

Build a career soo satisfying - that your heart doesn’t want to take a day off even on a Sunday.


So those are the 7 ways rich people think, feel & act differently.


Which if these did you already have? Let me know in the comments.


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