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5 Foundational Daily Habits Everyone Must Do To Improve Their Life || Mitesh Khatri

Sep 14, 2023
5 Foundational Daily Habits Everyone Must Do To Improve Their Life || Mitesh Khatri

You don't need to do a 100 different things...


You only need 5 habits to change your life.


Each of these habits takes less than 10 minutes.


If you do nothing, but ensure you do these 5 things every single day...


Your growth is inevitable.


Every time you meet people after a long break, they'll be surprised at the wiser, richer & healthier version of you...




Let's get rolling...


Habit #1: Meditation

In 2023, there is no habit more important to cultivate than meditation.


With everyone on the internet trying to get your attention...


You need to learn how to control your mind.


Else, on your deathbed when you are reviewing your life, you'll only see flashes of Instagram reels & YouTube shorts.


Who wants that?


Meditation not only clears your mind and makes you sharper.


It's also good for your body, like lowering blood pressure and easing pain.


There are many ways to do it, so find what suits you and start.


Habit #2: Exercise

Our bodies are meant to move.


Movement = medicine.


Exercise isn't just about looking good; it's about feeling great.


It releases happy chemicals, helps you sleep better, and keeps you healthy in the long run.


Happy chemicals make us a little bit more bearable...


PLUS it keeps you in the right zone to attract good things.


Remember, the law of attraction works faster for people who feel good.


Habit #3: Eat Healthy

You are what you eat.


You already have an idea of what a healthy diet means to you.

Whether it's as simple as eating whole un-processed food.


Or an extreme diet like the keto.

I don’t need to tell you what’s the right way of eating.


You know it already.


Whatever it may be for you, have a plan and stick to it.


At least 6 days/week aim to eat healthy food.


You can indulge in your guilty pleasures once/a week that's fine.


Clean eating keeps your weight in check and fights off diseases.


Plus, it boosts your mood and makes you look better.


Habit #4: Invest

Securing your future is crucial.


Investing isn't for the rich; it's what you do to get rich.


Don't make the blunder of "waiting" until you make more money to start investing.


You should be investing at least 20% of your income, no matter what your income is.


Study investing. Study wealth. Study finance.


Habit #5: Nurture Relationships

Life is better with people you care about.


Spend time with them, and be there when they need you.


Good relationships reduce stress, keep you happy, and even help you live longer.


So, don't forget to connect with friends and family.


Set up regular weekly/monthly rituals to catch up with your closed ones.


Soo...there you go.


Those are the 5 daily habits that can make self-improvement inevitable in your life.


Cultivate them. Practice them. Make them automatic.



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