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3 Ways to Use Gratitude to Gain Unfair Advantage in Life

Aug 29, 2023
Discover the Power of Gratitude: Unlock an Unfair Advantage in Life! Learn Three Effective Strategies to Harness the Transformative Benefits of Gratitude. Enhance Your Mindset, Relationships, and Success Journey Today. Read More!


If you know how to use the word: Thank You.


You can get everything you want & more.


You don't any fancy manifestation techniques...good old gratitude can get the job done for you.


Today I'm going to share with you 3 such techniques that can power up your manifestation game...




Let's go...


#1 Morning Technique


This is Indu's favorite technique.


In fact, I learned this from Indu.


Here's how it works...


Every morning right after Indu wakes up, she heads to the Pooja room in our house.


She prays with gratitude to GOD for 5-10 minutes.




Indu would thank god for simple things that come to her mind during these 5 minutes.


She would thank god for the food we have, for clear air, for water, for the AC, for the milk, and even for the Sofa & furniture.


Don't restrict yourself.


Whatever comes to your mind, send extreme gratitude to it.

(Again it could be anything from trees to birds to bees)


Starting your morning with this extreme gratitude sets your frequency up for the rest of the day.



#2 Reverse Manifestation Technique


When you're just getting started in your law of attraction journey...most make this mistake.


They set a goal for themselves like:


"I want to lose 10 kilos"


"I want to make 5 Lacs/Month"


"I want to drive a BMW"


These are all worthy goals, I'm not denying that.


But what happens when you start affirming these goals (without understanding the advanced law of attraction) is that you'd also tell your mind subconsciously:


"I'll be happy once I lose those 10 kilos"


"I'll be happy once I make 5 Lacs/Month"


"I'll be happy once I drive a BMW"


This can be a problem because you're focusing on what you don't have.


Instead of what you have, which will bring down your frequency.


So if you're just getting started, instead of setting an income goal & trying to manifest that...


Start by feeling gratitude for how much money you're making.


Even if it's 10,000 rupees/month. Be grateful for that money.


There are people in this world who do not have access to even 10k/month.


Once you start sending gratitude for the things you have, you will start receiving more things to be grateful for.


That's a law of nature :)


#3 Sandwich Technique


Once you've practiced the reverse manifestation technique for a while...


Now it's time to get promoted to the sandwich technique.


It's taking it one step further...


I use the sandwich technique to solve problems.


Here's how it works.


Pick up one area of your life that has a problem.


Like, say you're not having a good relationship with your co-worker.


Instead of just holding a grudge against them...


You instead, visualize and show gratitude for 5 people you have a good relationship with.


It could be your:


1) Partner


2) Parents


3) Sibling


4) Childhood Friend


5) Another Co-worker


Feel extreme gratitude for all 5 of these people's relationships.


And then you think about the co-worker who's bothering you...


Now you feel gratitude for the good relationship you have with them. (you're manifesting here, even though it doesn't exist now)


And you're done.


Simple sandwiching the problem's frequency with 5 other positive frequencies will automatically solve it.


One more example is that...


If I ever get a headache.


I send extreme gratitude for 5 other parts of my body that are working fine.


And then I show gratitude for my head to function without any pain.


The mere rise in my frequency will drive the headache away.


You can use this Sandwich technique to solve any problem in your life.


So there you go.


Those are the 3 ways to use Gratitude to get an unfair advantage in life.



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