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I am going to show you exactly how I designed my happy life on my FREE Law Of Attraction Workshop.

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This workshop has created brilliant results for lakhs of people, we used to hold this at home but now we are having it on Zoom so that you can attend it from your comfort zone, your home.

When is it? 

7pm to 9pm - Saturday (2 Hrs)

Where is it? 

LIVE Private Zoom Meeting 


Who is it for? 

For only those people who are truly committed to...

  • Start Attracting what you really want through Law of Attraction
  • Stop the Negative Attractions immediately by changing your Frequency
  • If you are Committed to Learn & Master the Law of Attraction.

What are the 3 Secrets to Learn & Master the Law of Attraction? 

1. What is complete Science of Law Of Attraction?

2. Why Law Of Attraction does not Work sometimes?

3. Powerful Techniques of Law Of Attraction

Meet our Successful Magicians 

Super Powerful Gratitude Exercise...

Mar 25, 2023

How to make affirmations?

Mar 23, 2023

Powerful Law of Attraction Techniques...

Mar 23, 2023

How Law of Attraction Works

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Mitesh Khatri & Indu Khatri are World's Most Trusted Leadership & Law Of Attraction Trainers

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  • National Bestselling Author of 2 Books - "Awaken The Leader in You" & "The Law of Attraction".