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As a Bonus we clear your negative energy with super powerful Hawaiian technique in Mitesh's style. 

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11am to 1pm - Saturday (2 Hrs)


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For only those people who are truly committed to...

Start Attracting what you really want through Law of Attraction

Stop the Negative Attractions immediately by changing your Frequency

If you are Committed to Learn & Master the Law of Attraction.

What are the 3 Secrets to Learn & Master the Law of Attraction?

1. What is complete Science of Law Of Attraction?

2. Why Law Of Attraction does not Work sometimes?

3. Powerful Techniques of Law Of Attraction

Meet our Successful Magicians 

Ravi - Platinum Member

  • Launched 3 Courses Simultaneously
  • Created 7+ Additional Sources of Income
  • Got Engaged to his Dream Girl
  • Got the Confidence to Sell & Achieve More
  • Lost 3Kgs Weight Comfortably

Madhura & Hardika - Platinum Member

  • Received 5 Lakhs surprise money for investment
  • Started making money through coaching in first week itself
  • Lost 2.5 kilo weight in just 1 week
  • Hardika changed her dis-like of reading/studying to like of reading. Now she loves reading

Samitha - Platinum Member

  • Got 2 Lakh rupees Bonus
  • Salary increment 100%
  • Increased MSI from 2 to 6
  • Increased savings by 40%
  • Became an Author in 1 Month
  • Improved Relationship Significantly at work as well as home

Supreet - Platinum Member

  • Manifested job with 10X Salary - that too in Lockdown
  • Manifested time with family, which brought my family to Canada
  • Transitioned from no home to living in a beautiful apartment on waterfront in Toronto 

Chetan - Platinum Member

  • Making money 3-4 times more than last year.
  • Networth is growing consistently by 8-9% for last few months
  • Launched few Multiple Sources of Income
  • Launched NLP course successfully.

Deepika - Platinum Member

  • My earning increased by 30%
  • I published my first book
  • Increased my saving by 20%, thanks to wealth mastery course
  • Every month I am investing in 4 different area for my future passive income
  • Launched program successfully 

About Mitesh Khatri


Mitesh Khatri is a premium world-renowned trainer known for delivering outcomes. He has played a key role in transforming business of global clients across the world. Mitesh has the distinction of transforming 300 plus fortune 500 companies and training 3,50,000 executives.  

He specializes in enabling organization to ride the wave of change and stay ahead of the game. His forte is transforming employee morale, enhancing productivity and motivating the work force to bring their best version forward. His workshops help organizations in realizing their vision with the transformation of the workforce. He has delivered programs across the world including countries like USA, Germany, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Oman and Singapore.

He is renowned for delivering electrifying workshops with a powerful connection with every participant. Mitesh has a unique outcome-based business model with a money back guarantee.  He has delivered workshops across the world with participants spread across the entire spectrum. He specializes in training organization to aim beyond horizons, set challenging goals that pave the path for the organization to be a game-changer. This is supported by a complete transformation of the work force for realization of goals

Mitesh drives his vision of transformation through his company called Guiding Light Consultants. He is supported by his wife Indu Khatri who is the co-founder of guiding lights consultants. Indu Khatri has been an established professional and comes with rich experience of 15+ years in the corporate world. Mitesh & Indu co-authored couple of Best-Selling Books like ‘Awaken The Leader In You’ & ‘The Law Of Attraction’.

These books have transformed the lives of thousands of people. Leadership book has also received a  Testimonial by Marshal Goldsmith.

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